Wexus Selected as a Finalist for EMA's Innovator of the Year Challenge

EMA pitch 5-29-19

Each year, the Environmental Media Association (EMA) searches for early-stage innovations that fit into the model of a green and sustainable economy.

After reviewing hundreds of applications from companies around the world, EMA selected six finalists to pitch their innovations to a group of judges at the 2019 EMA IMPACT Summit in Beverly Hills on May 29-30, 2019. The prize: a $50,000 grant, access to EMA's Advisory Board of leaders in the media and sustainability fields, and top-tier media awareness. 

EMA's goal is to promote game changing entrepreneurs, exposing them to a room full private and public corporations, incubators and funding sources. The two-day IMPACT summit includes leaders and change-makers from the sustainable/green business, environment, education, and entertainment industries. IMPACT includes keynote speeches, one-on-one conversations with thought leaders, panel discussions, networking activities, and six companies vying for the title of EMA Future Innovator of the Year. 

“EMA’s work is imperative and by bringing together like-minded individuals in this way, the numerous devastating issues we are currently facing will soon be outnumbered by solutions.” - Forbes

The six finalists were: 

  • Wexus Technologies, an IoT efficiency software platform for the food and agriculture industry. Presented by Chris Terrell, CEO and Co-Founder. 
  • Ampaire, developing electric aircraft that are less costly, safer, cleaner, and quieter. Presented by Kevin Noertker, CEO and Co-Founder. 
  • Envoy,  the leading provider of on-demand shared electric vehicles. Presented by Aric Ohana, Co-Founder. 
  • PurePlus, diverting fruit and vegetable waste to reduce environmental impact and costs. Presented by Amy Keller, CEO and Co-Founder.
  • Seachange Technologies, developing a sustainable desalination system. Presented by Dipak Mahato, Founder.
  • Treau, developing products that change the way we heat and cool buildings. Presented by Vince Romanin, CEO.

EMA Award Finalists

During his presentation, Wexus CEO Chris Terrell focused on how we're all connected to food and farming, why fixing inefficiencies in energy and water markets and the global food chain is critical to future generations, and shared this quote from Elon Musk to drive his point home:

"In 20, 30, 40 years in the future, what do you say to your kids or your grandkids when they ask 'why didn't you do anything?' What will you tell them?" - Elon Musk

You can find more information about the summit and the challenge here: