Wexus & Rio Farms Featured in Western Growers' Video Series Highlighting Multiyear Project

by Wexus | Jul 02, 2019 | In the News, Press Releases

Western Growers Association, an agricultural industry trade group based in California with over 30,000 members across the United States, recently featured a multi-year project conducted by Wexus Technologies in partnership with Rio Farms. The project was sponsored by the California Energy Commission to employ new technologies to drive cost, energy and water savings for the agricultural industry in California and to help meet the state's ambitious drought management and energy efficiency goals to combat climate change.  

Per Western Growers:

"To keep ag sustainable for years to come, we all need to work together – government, farmers & technologists. Collaboration is vital for us to accelerate solutions and change. Wexus Technologies, Inc. is taking this challenge head on. This agtech startup worked with Rio Farms, LLC and the state of California to install tech that would result in cost savings, energy savings and water savings for farmers AND California. Follow the story during this #AgTechJourney."

RIo Farms WGA video 6-27-19

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